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十大金股生铁屑压块机"Peng ~"Lv bu saw vaud dragged out and shook his head. Now the marquis of the han dynasty was really a little overspread. It was a good proposal to award the king."There are only 3,000 of them. Lv bu reminds way.

Zhou yu turned his head and looked at lv meng, saying, "remember, keep a close watch on the movements of jiangxia. Once jiangxia is mobilized, do not hesitate to send troops immediately.But then, cao cao the butcher's knife, not only v home with no pass, even being killed, as the queen's empress fu shou separate after heard the news, the pain, but also know, oneself even if back now, just take the advantage of the cao cao, in addition to cao cao butcher's knife, a wisp of more murders, it doesn't make any sense.Cao jun was indeed brave and brave, but lu bu's army could be the best choice out of the most elite soldiers, not only physical strength, but also proficient in all kinds of combat.十大金股When zhang fei was preoccupied with anything you want to go to Iraq, farewell moment lyu3 bu4, over the years, in order to deal with lyu3 bu4, Zhang Feike didn't slack off a day, day and night hone skills on the battlefield, only want to be able to give lyu3 bu4 a good-looking, especially more huang zhong so a martial arts of the strong, although the explosive force, endurance than zhang fei, but on the prospective of martial arts, zhang fei and guan yu are shorter, guan yu arrogant personality, not willing to consult folding section, zhang fei was no matter so much, all wrapped in huang zhong practicing martial arts over the years, many ask diligence, in that liu bei cao cao to jointly fight against promised lyu3 bu4, Zhang fei but ready, waiting on the battlefield will pick up lv bu.

十大金股"Don't understand what? The court raised its head and looked at zhang song: "why do I help liu zhang carry out the legal system?""The Lord learned that the tiger prison war tragic, special orders will come to the end of the troops, waiting for the general to send. Han DE escaped from his arms and said, "this is the command given by the Lord. The command will be given to the general at the end.""No more questions?" Wang tired incredible look at liu zhang: "the Lord ordered the minister in charge of the law, this matter should be presided over by the minister, the Lord to promote the rule of law, the minister also agreed, but there should always be a chapter and law, to show fairness, the minister more to face the responsibility of all parties, if there is no clear law, how do trust? How could this minister not ask questions?"

"You can't fake this stuff." Zhou yu looked at lv meng with a smile and shook his head. "judging from the location, hukou is indeed the best place for liu bei to store grain."Crossbow army 100 people a group, cover up alternately kill!" Pound saw this and shouted, "others, go to the fire!"People of lv bu!十大金股




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