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双腿张开轮流|虎墨沉香With a soft sigh, zhang he glanced at the direction of the teapot pass and said to his generals, "get ready for your departure tomorrow."It is clear that the news that the master died, know the opportunity, want to capture ye city!However, the situation is different now. Lu bu was swept away from yongliang, the xiongnu people were annihilated, he was granted the title of Wolf guxu, and annexed the state. These victories brought lu bu such great fame, but also brought invisible pressure.

"A fine of one hundred for disagreeing with the Lord." Lv bu smiled and looked at li shuxiang.In liu biao's bedroom, CAI shi leaned lazily on the edge of her bed. Although she was over 30, she was still full of charm. She looked at liu biao lying on her sick bed and silently looked at her.Zhang he, who had just returned to yecheng, after having relieved his military power, rode to the gate of the general's mansion. Just as he dismounted and was about to enter, he saw a figure hurried to the gate from the mansion.双腿张开轮流|"The last general wishes to remain in the army. The general has said that we are still useful to the Lord." Li shuxiang bowed.

双腿张开轮流|"How long will it take?" Zhang fei looked at the youth dissatisfied.In the summer."Be careful." Zhang liao took a look at pound and solemnly said, "the old man is not only good at fighting, but also very good at fighting.

Guo Jiahe xun yu an uncle looked one eye, can see each other in the eyes dignified, they bet in what country is just his own speculation, but once a country that come to pass, if they are here, I'm afraid it will be as country say, be lyu3 bu4 ahead, spent once jizhou, be lyu3 bu4 income, deep and remote state that lyu3 bu4 prestige than former lombardi more terrorist, if on site, two states, plus you ji is the equivalent of more than half a world."Thank you for your understanding. I don't know what the champions call you to do. What's the matter?" The accident saw lv bu one eye, the expression on the face that give a hand also alleviated a few, some doubt of see toward lv bu."This...... < / p > < p > liu qi smell speech body from a flutter, the face also became ugly, two people came to liu biao manor outside, was about to enter, but see from the manor out of a team of soldiers, stopped the way of two people.双腿张开轮流|




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