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郑州四中怎么样|cjdao"It is lv bu!"When lu bu fang day painting ji is 40 kg, not cannot use heavier, just lyu3 bu4 is in terms of physical strength, skill and speed and the type of 40 kg party day have painting ji, but as the body several times after reinforcement, the rod side day painting ji in the hands of lyu3 bu4, already gradually couldn't keep up with the footsteps of lyu3 bu4, after this back, lyu3 bu4 first thing is not to study ma sanbao, but brought together for their craftsmen to build a rod day painting ji fang.

"You...... "Lu lingqi looked at pang tong angrily.Li ru was not impressed. He continued, "general zhang liao did not know about the arrangement of han sui when he first came here."Mr. Pang has a strategy, which is rare in the world." Chen gong ha-ha a smile, slightly nod a way: "be to take an examination of teach, my Lord now, just at the time of employing a person, Mr. Pang talent think agile, not rigid to become law, with my Lord a lot of views quite agree with place, I would like to recommend to the Lord, I do not know what you think?"郑州四中怎么样|In lyu3 bu4 heart, the most suitable for staying behind or pound, but PangDeYou general information, has gradually exposed the general wind, stay in the rear, underused, lyu3 bu4 handed in the rear of the defense task so Gideon, Gideon both martial arts and the art of war, cannot be compared with lyu3 bu4 under does admiral, but do not represent the mediocre, at the beginning when RuNa follow lyu3 bu4, first by seibel elected to lead the camp, was promoted to army after hou, along the way, although not brilliant performance, but the compasses, who delivered to his task, can be well done, steadily promoted all the way, although no home, but with accumulate over a long period, Step by step was promoted to a general, assisted han DE in charge of the city guard.

郑州四中怎么样|"No horse, king!" Tanu excitement tunnel.In the following days, lu bu even set up a trade fair on the yuechi lake, which was devoted to selling xiongnu slaves, women and some goods from xiongnu.'the end is near! Zhou cang ran in from the outside and stepped in to salute.

In prairie wandered about the past, nature can't have been playing, wanted to detours to return to the central plains from the cloud area, but meets the xianbei people plunder, accidentally shot dead a xianbei people, up to now, zhaoyun all don't know who is the one who was killed, and then by a large number of xianbei people, all the way from the cloud to yinshan, eventually, zhaoyun don't know yourself whether you run to where, so all the way."Is very simple, lyu3 bu4 is weak, if he really want to go to war with Carthage, would not be so strong, the army of half has disbanded, lyu3 bu4 now in the hands of military forces, to perhaps, but want to cross a river, is a seasoned road, even if lyu3 bu4 don't know, his house will not know the matter, Chen to the war, he will be shown the enemy to weak emptying, Yuan Shaolai attack, and then take advantage of the terrain, to dominate lombardi military forces, and are now making a willingness posture, Yuan Shaoyu in addition to the master, has been for long, why whould chaos because of lyu3 bu4 deployed, so practice, clearly is in retreat, make light Carthage did not dare to move."Looking at lv bu as the tiger into the sheep general, two hundred of their own personal guards, in front of each other, as if the general paper paste, the king of the slaughter were scared all the liver and gallant split, stir the horse to go.郑州四中怎么样|




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