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什么样的男人最有魅力|00 02 02Be deceived anger, fear of lyu3 bu4, in this moment, all by these people transferred to wang yong and dead patronage.Giffin looked up, but see mayi direction, flames, unexpectedly seems to be the whole city is burning up.Zhang Gu gave a wry smile, stood on the wall toward Liao Huayi hand way: "This general Liao stay a little while, I will open the city."

A words, said before the good, but later, heard Jiang Xu some chills, this is the first time someone will corruption rose to the height of treason.Quebec head by sit down quickly, narrowly escaped a calamity, the last flood rushed over, has come to the end of the force, but will be the first-class kui knocked over to the ground, didn't want his life.Just about to make up his mind, When he rode up against them, The knight came to the gates, And not afraid of the other's crossbow aim, Go straight to the gate, "I am general Liao Hua of champion Hou, Lombardi rebellious, lost minister, more support self-respect, don't respect the right, my master in a letter to the crusade not minister, this want to attack, but read the sword together, the dead, master is bing, don't want to hometown dead, special orders I advise the defenders of the city early fall, avoid fighting, master has promised, never move the people of the city! Bing brothers, open into surrender! "什么样的男人最有魅力|"Stephen, are you going to war with me?" Qifu goyang ugly with the men out, looking at step root behind a dark fighter, cold road.

什么样的男人最有魅力|"It's the princess of Quebec. I heard it's the princess of your frost kingdom, and she kissed him." Suddenly said."I'm sorry about this general." Lyu3 bu4 patted wang yong's head, shook his head: "for general, but not even admit the courage, leave you for what?""Master..." After all left, sentence suddenly want to speak, but was timuzhen wave interrupted, behind the two bodyguards made a look, two bodyguards, immediately came to the tent, to prevent eavesdropping.

These obscure problems also only in the extreme boring time, lyu3 bu4 will be bored to think, he has to consider how to eliminate the living power of the ancestors, rather than here to consider the whole grassland of social formation, why so free to idle here now, that is because, he was idle.Nodded, lyu3 bu4 stride into the back of the king's tent, spacious tent, a transpiration of water vapor diffuse, leapt into the eye, but it is amazing scene, a huge bath bucket, a bloodshot carcass in the diffuse of water vapor, looming.Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, a sink in the heart, but on the surface is silent, ten zhangs away, a pair of tiger eyes faintly swept over Kirby can, that moment gave birth to the sense of pressure, but let Kirby can suddenly put the words to his mouth stuck in his throat.什么样的男人最有魅力|




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