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巨口鲨|石家庄黄页Listened along the way, these days in slope fell to around the war in the camp, although expectations to the side of the war will be very bitter, but also have never thought would come to this, lyu3 bu4 stay. B, d, ma dai, from the north palace, zhang embroidery, and holds the sea, is improper in Athens, even such a team, relying on the right place, eventually to this degree, some lyu3 bu4 higher than expected."Jin broke his shell and a strong man broke his wrist. The general could understand whatever he wanted. I am afraid han sui had already fled with his elite troops. Marotta sighed with a wry smile, although see through, but it is helpless, Korea hence suddenly thrown out of the so many people, not only confuse their line of sight, also has delayed their marching speed at the same time, like original lyu3 bu4 escape next Pi, cao cao is watch is broken, no can do, can't catch, more people can't keep up with, less people in lyu3 bu4 unafraid."Be!" The general answered, hurriedly rushed out of the camp, and soon returned.

In the eyes of fa yan, it doesn't matter who the Lord is, as long as he can give full play to his talent and spread the legalism, he is the evil person who is accused by many people, and he is willing to be loyal to him.It is late April in the fifth year of jian 'an, and it has not been a good year for herdsmen living in the hetao area since last year.Of course, this sima position is self-appointed, the women in the city of chang 'an to dominate, but including Chen gong and others, no one will really take it seriously.巨口鲨|Jia xu stroked his beard and said: "the dispatch of troops, related to the safety of the Lord, elected a person to assist the Lord."

巨口鲨|The reason for this, or the lack of preparation, is that migrants from nanyang underestimate the cold here, which gets worse as they head northwest."I have long heard that han women are quite savoury. Since so many of them have come today, let them in and I'll just have a look." Ugota laughed, and the xianbei people around him laughed too."Somebody, send general gully out of camp." Zhang liao stood up, walked to the side of guli, patted his shoulder and said: "wait for me to say hello to general han, the day of success, zhang liao for his victory!"

Coming to this world, the time is not too long, before and after adding up, and a few days before a year, but what happened is hard to understand before.Hearing this, lu bu could only smile without explanation. Some things could not be explained or explained. In order to arrange the camp, lu bu had to pay a lot of blood to build it.巨口鲨|




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