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pfsvoddata bbv是什么文件福建艺术职业学院After this war, the general situation of the west cool has been decided, han sui lost his troops, has not been able to turn over what waves, but to defend the city, han sui now left the troops, or enough."Boom -"In the shadow, watching kun mu leave, li ru smiled slightly and the fish had been hooked. Next, he only needed to interrogate aguri tomorrow. At that moment, he disappeared into the shadow with the military han.

On the horse's back, when seeing lv bu in front of the array, liu bao complexion one change, loudly roar way: "medium trap!""Your excellency will go."< / p > < p > the king of some dejected mumbles, before the three family pressure, the destruction is imminent, he really hope that the arrival of lv bu, the yue family from the edge of destruction to pull back, even he is willing to hand over the right in the hand, but when the three family soldiers retreated, the news has been confirmed, the mood is complex.pfsvoddata bbv是什么文件Leng jun's voice, but showing a desolate and heroic, perhaps after today, the world will no longer white horse righteousness from, but white horse righteousness from the verve, but never lose.

pfsvoddata bbv是什么文件As the boss, what lv bu is in charge of is the most suitable person is put in the most appropriate position, personally do this kind of thing, be in lv bu to see at least, not the attitude of a qualified upper position person.The roar of the night wind blowing moving slightly, torch light in the night wind sway, already summer, even if it is closed (the land of the night, didn't also the chill, soldiers sit together in groups, or enter an item in an early to rest, but more and more people are together chat to play the fart, talking about today's battle, in the career of many soldiers, like this was the first time with less number of combat, many people telling the stopping of zhang liao, or pound."Go!" Bite bite, han suici heart know the general situation is gone, also ignore other, this time, live is really, with a help of close guard, under the guard of liang xing, while the disorderly army stopped ma chao, quickly retreated to the direction of gu Tibet.

"Yes." With a wry smile, the man nodded and said, "before the huns withdrew, they asked for help because they were killed by general lu in the rear.""Put the head of sima fang and han meng on it, and we will go to see the famous men of hebei under yuan shao's command." Lv bu let a person pick up the head of the department horse to prevent, sneer at way.End of the battle of guandu, when it is two, said lu bu to prior to this, the first step to pacify hetao, obtain the initiative, in can be soldiers out chicken abatis, also can be the enemy back shifting to the hetao, hetao with bing, after all didn't have the Yellow River, lyu3 bu4 cavalry can at any time into bing, and lombardi's military forces to bypass the hetao harmony is cool but need to pull across the Yellow River, but also worried that posterior was broken.pfsvoddata bbv是什么文件




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