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和老外交换太大了第二部分|泸州黄页"Lyu3 bu4 this is not to sell a book, but be to buy the heart of the poor door in the world!" In the sound of a sigh, a figure appeared outside the thatched cottage, red-lipped and white-toothed, eight feet tall, with a face like a crown of jade, dressed in feather, with a feather fan in his hand, and three long whiskers under the skeleton. At a glance, he looked like a human being.Lu bu is not fuel-efficient lamp, cao cao ambush last night, even if is not yuan, it is an advantage, but the final result, but with lyu3 bu4 spell a lose-lose, ten thousand military forces say give up just give up, no hesitation, so decisive and cunning rivals, even a little flaw, can be enlarged unlimitedly, let alone the initiative retreated, the initiative of the battlefield from lyu3 bu4, has been lyu3 bu4 firmly hold in your hand."Son of a bitch! And shaking his head, hanyoung elbow back a, merely pound ribs under a pain, hands unconsciously loosen, hanyoung pike back always try to hand, in pound ribs, was a gun will pound without death, but listen to outside the gates in a loud shout, zhang liao already was to break into, from the wide open the gate of a bayonet on the backs of nux, pike mergence, behind the dart out of the chest.

"Oooooo oooooo oooooo"Chapter 21 the kingdom of incense"Good!" Lv bu nodded, looking toward cao ying's direction: "just don't know this time, whether cao cao can calculate."和老外交换太大了第二部分|"That depends on how it works." With a smile, lv bu shouted to the outside, "bring them up."

和老外交换太大了第二部分|"Nothing has happened yet, but Chen is more worried about jingxiang clan than yecheng clan." Li ru shook his head. The yecheng clan was very honest these days, and jia xu kept a secret to monitor the movements of these people."How do I know, bo yan? We have something important to do. The young man named xiaoze smiled helplessly.

Zhao4 yun2 wen2 yan 1 gao, complexion some ugly rise, this kind does not ask reason, because be lv bu daughter to give birth to prejudice thing only, let zhaoyun some difficult accept, moreover, is lv bu really bad? This kind of problem, zhaoyun do not want to think more, was about to speak, one side of the lu lingqi has not done."This is the end of today's training." Lv bu looked at the sky, although only after noon, but today, he is not ready to continue to train, these girls have trained for a month, the nerve has been stretched too tight, they need to relax.Cold light shining, lyu3 bu4 party day painting ji pass in tsao chwun throat, behind a title of generals in ancient times who separated automatically, from gradually slow the potential of the tsao chwun passing by, after running line several zhangs, gradually stopped potential and silent turned his horse, looking at the distance that lonely figure in the attitude of the charge, his horse seems to have power, collapsed uttered a sound of the tsao chwun bodies have also been fall to the ground.和老外交换太大了第二部分|





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