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江宁洗头房cjdaoI am afraid that even jia xu such an old fox also did not find, recently in thinking about the problem, the general meeting is not consciously thinking about more for lu bu, this is the system for lu bu the biggest meaning.This speech a, they look at each other in speechless despair, for a moment also do not know how to answer, qiang king's position is naturally everyone want to sit, present of people, most also have this opportunity, but now is a very special period, who became qiang king, have to deal with the current situation."Still let burn when old king come out to talk with me, this matter, you can't do a Lord." Li ru did not say any more, but said lightly.

"The Lord now holds the lives of millions of soldiers and civilians, and every wrong decision is likely to result in countless deaths." Looking at lu lingqi, Chen gong seriously said: "miss want to be a general, this palace inconvenience comment good or bad, but for the general, but not just the battlefield fighting, more important is the strategy, the battlefield every possible to make a prediction, as far as possible in beating the enemy at the same time, will own casualties to a minimum.Gold iron cross of the ground, three successive like muffled thunder chirp, the two horse and fault, xuan spend big axe with a arms to fly up high, Korea fierce after rushed out of the distance of more than ten zhangs, sit down horse suddenly moans, order the hooves, the splash of a, bring up a splash, Korea fierce burly body under the action of inertial planted down from the horse, kneeling on the ground, looking at the ground beside xuan flower familiar axe and that a piece of arm, Korea's fierce look dull.江宁洗头房"Hold! Retreat westward!" Dostie pale, but still make a great effort to recover herself, command of troops retreat towards the west, while the west also has the fire, but because of the wind, the spread of the west is a lot slower, sitting on a horse, dostie looked up, now, also can only hope that god can have compassion the huns, let them from the genocide.

江宁洗头房"Wen wo may have a solution." Marotta wanted to think, giffin are experts in the field, and pang, he also does have laid hands on him, sometimes soothe a wise man than to soothe intestines that kind of a sense of what military commanders more easily, but marotta is now busy chang 'an academy, three counselors, several giffin most idle, this kind of thing, or throw giffin do it."Miss lv, even if you try to sabotage your father's plans, don't take these girls along with you." A broken voice like the voice of the gong came in, listen to the people frown.On the other side, Addis with dozens of women held captive to hire and return to jingzhou, only to find that many city jingzhou martial law, some ask, cause is not only his own original article employed in xiangyang city captured by zhou cang, etc, the body of a dozen QinBing was soon found that the natural in Addis head, liu table very fury, humble young, running not only make the wind have rain, the jingzhou soldiers lost face, more run to xiangyang city hubbub, immediately ordered the CAI checkpoints everywhere arteries martial law, however, also will give out this group of women, must be punished severely.

"Oh, what a stubborn temper! Hsiung kuo hai also took a piece of meat, from the other side of the hand, but was in the hands of the eagle in a mouthful.Chapter 61 the famous general of suffocation"Lord, the king of the yue clan has sent two thousand soldiers and horses. Jia xu came over and handed to lu bu.江宁洗头房




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