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tokyo hot n0712|济南购物卡回收Today's books, mostly to bamboo paper to record, even if want to write more, also have to hand-copied, time-consuming don't say, more need a large number of readers to help, alone this, lyu3 bu4 currently can't do."Sound!" D look gloomy almost fled back to the west cool army, if not fire also blocked the line of the defenders, I'm afraid at the moment is not just fled so simple.D face flashed a struggle of color, finally nodded and bowed down: "d understand."

Korea hence smell speech, can't help frowning, that night attack even now, Korea hence also remember, supposedly have such ability, should see that said to stick to the same as waiting for death, this kind of person didn't take advantage of their defeat to pursue, instead is to stop to make a plan to stick to, what is the purpose?For a long time, marotta looked up and looked at lyu3 bu4 with complicated eyes, but refused to concede: "wen hou these years to travel to the central plains, but honed a pair of good eloquence."Beigong from looking at lyu3 bu4, sink a track: "you are very strong, according to our qiang people's rules, since lost, should submit to you, but I want revenge, white water qiang I must."tokyo hot n0712|"Yes!" Han De heart a cold, nodded and agreed: "master, where are we going?"

tokyo hot n0712|Giffin look dignified way: "someone in changan, bully ling and our army now under everywhere, spread rumors, seibel and wei yan, chen xing, zhang embroidery a few generals against, so that now not only changan panic, even general zhang liao also sent several times to clarify for several generals.""Flying general indeed as expected, today is really let the next big eye-opener." Moon king and Hande came to lyu3 bu4, smiling compliments.Although morale did not recover, But d is not prepared to continue to wait, Lyu3 bu4 soldiers less, but west cool army thousands of miles to attack, hay supply is very difficult, the longer the time dragged on, the more adverse to the west cool army, he is the master, if there is no achievement on the back, but a big blow to his reputation, now d some understand why with this very happy to give him the position of master.

"Jump!" Hande flashed a ferocious look on his face, looking at the huns, sadly way.Han sui thought about it, nodded and said, "you have to pay attention to the handsome, if you can help me calm lyu3 bu4 as soon as possible, han sui is grateful.""Hey, seibel general has the battle of huaili meritorious service, this batch of jun's merit, can't leave him!" Wei smiled.tokyo hot n0712|




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