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步步惊心搜狐庆功会|旋转木马价格"Now that your excellency has planned everything well, what can Wang do to help you?" Wang Yong glanced at the ghost-like appearance of the guard behind Zhang Gu, a cold in the heart, hurriedly dry laughed."Master, what happened?" County government, male broad sea, zhou cang rushed in with a group of bodyguards, stare around, didn't find half a figure, puzzled look at lyu3 bu4."I know there are doubts." Lyu3 bu4 looked at the crowd, his face appeared a touch of sadness: "Have you ever wondered, step to root brothers would be defeated so simply? Even if the five big tribes together, also will not be defeated on the same day."

Pound smell speech, also can only smile bitterly nodded, although the same responsibility, but as a general, which don't want to gallop on the battlefield.A group of begging fu tribal warriors in the initial panic, morale rallied, crazy dance in his hand weapons, turn over and dismount, toward the huns tribe launched a charge."Kill!" YuanMen slowly opened the moment, lyu3 bu4 eyes in the light of a flash, raised the bow, a high cry of anger, five thousand troops began to charge toward YuanMen.步步惊心搜狐庆功会|"A cornered beast will still fight!" Kirby can look a cold, do not flicker to meet step root.

步步惊心搜狐庆功会|Xiongnu tribe, now with sites, more suitable for the tribe's status quo, numbness or cold-blooded, but compared to the central plains of women, grassland women are undoubtedly strong, when lyu3 bu4 with people back, these women have begun to collect buried corpses, and did not imagine crying.Chapter IX Slave Siege"Down." Kirby could rub his forehead, and for a moment he was a little distracted.

"He is, after all, the huns." Kui head to step to the root, behind the words did not say again, temuzhen ability is too big, xianbei king's court may not always be able to live in this person, careless, but will become temuzhen stepping stone."Monseigneur Temuzhen has used his troops like a god. I admire him." Two people looked at temuzhen, don't know what to say for a while, strictly speaking, it is the enemy, but what is this harmonious atmosphere, to the end, can only dry suppress such a sentence."Master, just counted, the warehouse contains wheat 30,000 stone, dried meat 3000 jin, in addition to a lot of weapons armor. Zhou Cang excitedly found lyu3 bu4, a face of excitement said: "this time we catch a big fish, these hay, enough for our army for half a year."步步惊心搜狐庆功会|




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