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夺爱电视剧|深圳3m贴膜Xuchang, the palace."It will depend on his skill." Zhang Fei glanced at each other's army, urged his horses, black cone trotted to the front of the two armies, zhang fei zhang eight snake spear a finger, hong track: "which is zhang ren, quickly come out, and I war three hundred rounds."Stay back, only to find that PianJiang was at least a dozen arrows through the body nailed to the ground, and look around, their own dry QinWei also poured a piece, not bitter, hurriedly waved to his men to send a signal, let the other side of the troops from behind the enemy.

"Report to my strategist, detailed to quote, chengdu army has rushed to deyang, and sent twenty thousand troops and wei yan." Just when Zhuge Liang was at a loss, a captain came in and reported to Zhuge Liang."Just two hundred people, also dare to clamor here, you go to YuanMen open, prepare archers, a home to see, this head, he tardif dare to take!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, harsh voice drink a way.In this teenager in his early teens, The momentum of the battle was decisive, Milan stronger than I don't know how many times, in this case, even if there is discontent in the heart, but no one dare to speak at this time, all eyes, gathered in the county, zhuge liang planning chengdu strategy is stillborn, also lost a ma, they know, the war, will determine the ultimate ownership of shu.夺爱电视剧|Tardif see purpose, also ignore guan yu has rode out, hurriedly patted horses, in the cheers of the defenders of qu a, around a circle around the retreating jingzhou army, into qu a.

夺爱电视剧|Many tired soldiers regardless of the stench, a buttocks sitting on the ground, gasping for breath, across the wall, full of corpses radiate spread to the distance, farther away, is guan yu's camp.A strange python turn over, zhang eight snake spear against the physical mechanics of a bullet, will wei's broadsword block off, wondering at each other's sunken breastplate, zhang fei can not help but dark scold the guanzhong skills of the pervert.Ma smell speech, can't help but frown slightly, this is contrary to his plan, no doubt, but wu into their two troops failed to arrive, ma shaken confidence at the moment, smell speech can not help nodding: "In that case, it is not too late, life Xie Yun, li hun two generals led the army around the guanzhong military forces, I immediately set out, catch lu zheng."

"It seems that neither you nor I can persuade anyone." Pang tong sighed, in the past, when the deer gate, two people often do academic debate, is who can't persuade each other, did not expect today, or so: "then the day down to determine the outcome, if the master of the other day broken xiangyang, I will ask master for your mercy."After a wick of incense, Just replaced with Li Hun, Cheng Fang, who was preparing to return to the camp, was stopped by a group of people. Head of the people shrouded in a cloak, can't see clearly, behind him, is dozens of soldiers, although wearing the armor of ordinary soldiers, but Cheng Fang can also count as a time-honored battlefield, just a glance, then see these seem to be ordinary soldiers, absolutely climb out of the pile of dead, Chengdu when so much of a team?"There is a military strategy, but only on paper, such as the Warring States period that Zhao Kuo general. Lu Zheng laughed.夺爱电视剧|





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