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来电奇缘主题曲参茸大补膏Just assembled formation moment was broken up, zong yuan complexion ugly way: "two wings spread out!""If I go up and they surround us and demand the restoration of Confucian supremacy, what shall we do?" Lv bu asked with a smile."I have sent li zhao to the upper reaches of the river to look for it, but zhang liao may not give us the chance to rob food or try." Xia houyuan nodded, if zhang liao made up his mind to keep the words, want to force him out, also can only through the food.

< / p > < p > Yang ren was captured is understandable, but yangping guan garrison did not have a bit of vigilance, and even did not cheat to open the gate, in addition to the pustiness, wei yan did not know how to describe these people, to pang tong way: "if not shi yuan persuaded the general to surrender, our army would not be so easy to enter the hinterland of hanzhong.The other party can say these things, no matter how to say, this matter is also a branch meeting lv bu 1."Did not expect, liu bei still rose!" The hussar rode in the mansion, lu bu gave the information to jia xu, shook his head and said with a smile: "it's really time!"来电奇缘主题曲"Why is that? They were stunned.

来电奇缘主题曲"From this moment on, you are my brother!" CAI MAO say that finish, in front of the figure of a good shape, zhang fei has taken a large group of people rushed over, CAI mansion flame too zhao eyes."The enemy's defensive camp gives ye some inspiration, and he should ask the craftsman in the general to allocate all his resources to me. Within a month, he will help the general to defeat the enemy!" Liu ye is confident.Xia houyuan nodded, he naturally saw that the circle of circular camp, is aimed at reinforcements, want to think: "li zhao.

The ugly scribe, of course, was pang tong. Upon hearing this, he smiled and said, "that pang is waiting here for good news from the general.""A platoon crossbow on an earthen platform!" Zhang liao and li shouted, and a large number of soldiers armed with crossbows rushed up to the platform of the earth, shooting at the dark crowd after the work.Shield on the back of a continuous fracture, a is on the body of the soldiers was scored, the power of the enemy no matter was still on the use of these weapons, obviously after training, both precision and interval between each arrow is exquisite, can turn their hands was the largest power play, defenders of the ChengTou snuffed out again.来电奇缘主题曲




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