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屠播网宠物食品生产线Guo yuan suddenly burst into a tragic smile: "a ferry lost, the whole xihe county will be exposed in gaoshun under the front, our army retreat will be completely cut off, let me how to general, to the Lord!"Raise head, lv bu eye, the sky is not black one, but a few gas luck pester not clear, among them represent lv bu and cao cao's gas luck ferocious all show, and represent yuan shao, however in rapid drain."Ridiculous! I am the elder childe. Should I have to pass through an outsider even to see my father?" Liu qi nu way.

"Guan yu! ?" < / p > < p > lu lingqi eyes a cold, this person she impression is too deep, in the ancient city but almost killed himself."Yuan shao is dead, as a minister, can do, the general has done, now ye cheng has been occupied by our army, general zhang even if you have the ability to heaven, but also escape, you have been worthy of the yuan family, this time to surrender, no one will say you negative righteousness disloyalty, I can promise you, treat yuan benchu family members. Lv bu looks at zhang he, does he hate him? Since he yi followed him, he has suffered nothing but hard work and resentment. Zhang he had just given him his death. If he did not mind, he would have been cold-blooded."Kind of." Lv bu also did not shy, eyes flashed a sigh of regret color way: "since the birth of zheng son, the four sides of the war, smoke everywhere, my father and son two people, always gather less from more, this gathering, I do not know how long?屠播网This doubt did not last too long, gao shun did not appear, after all, is a good thing, perhaps he thought that there are the four people have enough to defeat them, CAI MAO began to organize human resources for defense, to receive from all sides fled back to the horses.

屠播网"General hansheng, yesterday I asked zhang to come here for medical treatment. What is the problem of my father?" < / p > < p > in the imperial palace, got liu bei's advice, liu qi will drag jiang xia to Chen, then non-stop back to xiangyang, at the moment with huang zhong, a face of worry to see the direction of the body bedroom.Of course, the most important is not this, pundit, such as zheng xuan, even lu bu will tie him to come over, as long as he is not willing to, lyu3 bu4 also cannot be forced, but from the back to news analysis, zheng xuan to the dean's identity is not exclusive, also in changan academy, it lawfully or co and lu bu yan, method is legalism apprentice had an argument.Just don't know second younger brother in cao cao's hand how?

"Be!" Method is a step forward, knocked eye-catching, bright sound said: "before Wei Jun satrap, abuse power for personal gains, and proposes that the inverse chaos laws, criminal, real estate, today, be condemned to in the, in addition, by their persecution or their dependents, can be gotten hold certificate to TaiShouFu compensation, master has be bright, the criminal all property, estate, the land, half full, the other half used to repay its."Distant cao cao look ugly, guo jia tightly holding the carriage of the pole, cao jun at the moment with lu bu's slave army entwine together, casualties are also heavy, turned to look at the side of the more xi way: "yuan shang's horses also future?"...屠播网





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