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cross day|花纹铝板生产厂家"Duke xuande, welcome!" In the evening, a governor came to liu bei's residence and bowed down to send him an invitation."You...... "Huang zhong stood in front of liu qi and glared at him." you want to rebel? How dare you threaten your son's life?""It's too late, Lord, go!" Hearing the voice, the judge turned pale and hurried to take yuan shang out of the city. Most people who knew liu had little affection for her.

Lv bu spread out the map on the spot, looked at the direction of the mountains and rivers, and said, "on the contrary, it is taihang mountain side.Microbloggers are not willing to is true, stay in xiangyang, he has inherited the qualification of the table, liu today to jiangxia, tantamount to exile, liu table elderly, say words of unfilial, if there is if anything happens, according to the state no longer stand the custom of the young, there's a big chance to inherit microbloggers liu table inheritance, but was CAI encouraged "liu table will be transferred to jiangxia, gave up the inheritance is a disguised form."Duke zu indeed has great talent, but he is still trying to persuade yuan shao to serve him. "Chen gong frowned.cross day|"To tell you that your brother is still a sister-in-law." Lv bu stood up, looked at the sky outside the door and said in a deep voice, "the equal-field system is the foundation of my body. No one can touch it. If they are willing to believe me, let them hand over their land.

cross day|"My good Sir, you and I were Allies, and ought to have helped each other." Cao cao was smiling and cursing in his heart."Lord, this is a letter sent by lv bu." Xun yu handed a copy to cao cao and said with a bitter smile, "lu bu's appetite is getting bigger and bigger."Zhang he silent, observe the dignity, does not allow him to lie, he did, this will deny, he can't do that, looked up at Sui yuan into a way: "the master is dead, now again to dispute these is useless, we, as officials, should not be asked by our master housekeeping, spent now jizhou west 虓 tiger tiger, south cao, the heart of the earlier have spent annexation jizhou, master new bereavement, while I wait for the 勠 concentric force, give priority to keep inheritance, why diocletian augustus?"

Guo jia nodded, was about to speak, complexion suddenly a red, mouth a burst of fierce cough, cough out a mouthful of blood, see cao cao frightened, hurriedly shouted: "quick, please the doctor come over!"Left familiar bosom to let little fellow some dissatisfaction apparently, also not be afraid of however green, just be in lv bu bosom restless wriggle to wriggle, want to break away from lv bu bosom, go looking for his mother.Think of table station troops liu wan city news during the day, lyu3 bu4 heart is somewhat depressing, is different from others encouraging, lyu3 bu4 clear, liu tables if you really want to help themselves to cao cao, his military forces should be given new item, so can always scoring RuNa and YingChuan, station troops nanyang city, it is more than can be against cao cao, wu guan, tiger fastened also in the range of the opponent's attack, this is a very moderate choice, also sustains its stance liu table, two is not running.cross day|




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