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霉霉对中国粉丝态度|净留香Deng xian frowned at the pain and saw the pain"I can tell an outsider, that jiang dongjie, must know this, if they can see that I will come here today, is a good chance to get rid of me." Chen seems to have a lot to say today."Promote JunTian champion hou, treat people very thick, constant cultivator, tax cuts, as of last year, champion Hou Zhi cultivator, tax is a tax, 20 you states the experience such as land, more duties on thirty one and forty one, even if it is quiet state, bing out a place in this life, and people can also have ample food and clothing, have years of famine, can get government benefits, people get affordable, natural is willing to sincerely to support champion hou, and although the tetrarch follow champion hou, but the law is unclear, the tax is not clear, although I don't have a family in the middle exploitation, but the taxes on the people did not have much changes, even more demanding than ever, chengdu tax up to seven or eight, ten tax that such a situation, How can he win the support of the people if he has no god but his form?"

"Having heard the name of the three generals in shu for a long time, zhang ren is more loyal and brave than he is, but he is not skillful enough. Ling bao is good at fighting and deng xian is good at judging the situation. Pang tong returned the ceremony with a smile. The meaning of this sentence is thought-provoking. Can deng xian judge the situation? Why would a general do that?"What's the matter? ?" Lv meng was surprised, especially when he heard the other side's propaganda. In chai sang, there was only one commander, zhou yu. He seemed to have a premonition in his heart, but he could not believe it, or could not believe it."The news from the nightingale has been confirmed. Zhou yu was attacked by zhuge liang while crossing the river in the fog. "The nighthawk bowed.霉霉对中国粉丝态度|

霉霉对中国粉丝态度|"Well!""This is a bit ridiculous, old man, even for money, should not make up such things." Mengda groped his chin, feeling a little resentful that he could not sweep his tail"Be." The nighthawk saluted little Joe and disappeared out the door.

Zhang ren also did not speak, just burst 1 kneeldown to fall on one's knees in the entrance of the office of pricy shi, touch the ground with the head, shen voice way: "of defeated army zhang ren, wish with remnants body, change my Lord a life, pray for favor allow.""Liu zhang was fateful and tyrannical in the middle of shu. Not to kill is not enough to calm the mind!" Pang tong looked at the crowd and said, "our Lord lv bu, though he was born in the brushgrass, he still CARES about the world. Though the people in the central plains reviled him a lot, all the people in guanzhong still remember his kindness.When they came to the camp with vigilance, they were still surprised when they saw the bodies lying on the ground in various positions in a circle outside the house where wang Yin was originally stored. It was not because of the dead, but because all the people confirmed that none of the four hundred people left in the camp was alive.霉霉对中国粉丝态度|




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